Skincare Product Manufacturer

Professional South African Skincare Product Manufacturer Offers Flexible Options

It’s widely accepted that almost all modern women – and increasingly, men – use skincare products of some description, but with little thought about the role of the manufacturer, that is, unless they’re allied to the industry.

Although many users are very brand conscious, they don’t realise that it actually all begins with a skincare product manufacturer, long, long before any fancy bottle or package gets put onto the shelves of distributors and suppliers.

However, such matters are understandably none of their concern, although some might pay attention to the ingredients listed on the container – probably the most vital aspect of each and every consumer item and certainly skincare products, and our lab uses only the best.

Focus of On-site Laboratory

Our laboratory, established in 1946, almost 70 years ago now, remains focussed on the research, design, development and manufacture of formulations for numerous beauty houses which are represented across South Africa. Only top-quality raw materials and ingredients are used in our formulations, and we never attempt to take shortcuts.

International Brands for the Local Market

Not all clients are local concerns either. Many have established a sound presence here, but are not South African owned. Even companies with overseas headquarters frequently contract the production of certain cosmetics and skincare products to laboratories such as ours in countries where their merchandise is sold.

A Sterling Reputation

We’re proud to say that we’ve built a reputation amongst our clients for the high standard of our work, stringent process and quality control, as well as getting to know our customers and their concepts. We provide outstanding service to them at all times, adhere to the shortest possible lead times and a have an ingrained policy of fair, competitive pricing, across the board.

Raw Materials and Ingredients

Only top-quality raw materials and ingredients are used in our formulations and we never attempt to take shortcuts. Clients receive a full list of INCI raw materials for inclusion in the artwork and graphics on their packaging, a legal requirement here.

Sample Sets, Specifications and Stability

The specifications of each product that we develop are supplied to the customer for whom we contract, so that they have it at hand for future use, if they so choose. They also receive sample sets, which we manufacture and supply, so that they’re in a position to conduct trials prior to giving us approval to commence production.

Before initiating the manufacturing process of skincare products, our chemist and team of technicians conduct comprehensive stability and preservative tests, ensuring that these aspects of the formulations are in order, according to shelf life stipulations.

Certified E Mark Quality Control

A further testament to our laboratory’s extremely high quality is the internationally accepted South African Bureau of Standard’s (Legal Metrology Department) E Mark Quality Control standard, for which our operation is certified by this reputable body.

Strict hygiene standards of the laboratory and plant are of the top order, maintained at all times. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that we consistently conform with our clients’ requirements, anticipating potential problems, rather than resolving them once they’ve occurred.

Flexible Options

Whether you require a 10 litre or 25 000 litre batch, an affordable, discounted option for your development phase and/or expert, diverse filling services, you need look no further than our first rate laboratory for your chosen skincare product manufacturer.