Skin Care Product Manufacturer

SA Skin Care Product Manufacturer Offers Comprehensive R&D Services

As society has evolved and technology has become more sophisticated, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of skin care products, their ingredients and in some cases, where the manufacturer is located.

Consumer and skin care products manufactured in certain countries are avoided by some, while others give preference to goods produced or bottled in countries which they trust, rather than buy merchandise from places which they distrust.

Fortunately, South Africa does not appear on the “suspect” list. SA’s manufacturers have built a proud reputation for producing top-quality goods, especially those which are edible and/or related to the scientific and medical fields. Our manufacturing laboratory just outside Pretoria is one such reputable concern.

Overseas Influence

Beauty houses located overseas were thought to produce the best beauty products, notably those in Paris, Zurich, London and New York. Popular perception had it that anything manufactured in any of these international capital cities had to be superior to all other cosmetics, especially when skin care formulations were involved.

South African Contract Manufacturer

The public isn’t generally aware that many overseas houses contract the production of some or all of their merchandise to world-class laboratories in other countries, particularly countries in which their goods sell well. Such concerns are known as contract skin care product manufacturers, our field of expertise since 1946.

Contract Manufacturer Defined

A contract manufacturer may be defined as a company which produces goods on behalf of another party or brand owner. Such merchandise carries the name or label of the concern allocating the work. The organisation tasked with manufacture acts as a subcontractor, who may be requested to design, research and develop a new or improved product, or utilise the brand owner’s existing formulation.

Qualities of a Premier Skin Care Product Manufacturer

Because the selection of your contract skin care product manufacturer is of crucial importance to the quality and performance of your merchandise, there are certain boxes which prospective subcontractors should be able to tick. We most certainly do.

  • Rigorously controlled standards of hygiene and pristine cleanliness of equipment and premises.
  • Unrelenting quality control throughout each step of every process, plus the final product, paying particular attention to consistency, uniformity and conformity.
  • Shortest possible lead times from start to finish, improving service to customers.
  • Utilise the best quality ingredients possible, remaining mindful of customers’ budgetary parameters.
  • Adopt and practice an internationally recognised and accepted standard, such as SABS Legal Metrology Department’s certified E-Mark Quality Control.
  • Provide all customers with the most cost-effective, fairly priced production service and products possible, without compromising on quality.
  • Anticipate problems and take measures to avoid them, rather than reacting once they’ve occurred.
  • React and adapt rapidly to customers’ additional or peripheral requirements.
  • Ideally offer full, comprehensive research and development, filling, sealing and labelling services too.

Stronger Today

During 2014, our laboratory’s then CEO left to pursue his dream of becoming a farmer. Our lab was bought by one of our longest standing clients, who wisely retained all of our chemists, technicians and support staff members, ensuring the continuity of our entire operation, and making our operation even stronger.

Client confidentiality remains assured and our valued clients continue to receive the outstanding skin care product manufacturing services that they’ve come to expect, appreciate and support – as good as any offered anywhere else.