At DC Labs we are able to facilitate the following services

  • Research and Development of new products according to client requirements
  • Liquid product filling
  • Viscous product filling
  • Perfume filling with or without gas, and crimp pump sealing
  • Batch coding and expiry date application to packages

Tube filling or Norden equipment

Securely sealed tubes, with batch numbers and expiry dates imprinted into the seal for traceability and stock control

Overwrapping on Sollas equipment

To wrap retail cartons in polypropylene film, for additional security as well as protection for the carton. This overwrap also adds considerably to the perceived value of the product.

Induction Heat Sealing on Pillar equipment

An encased aluminium foil seal is applied by induction-generated heat to the container mouth, creating a completely air-, moisture-, and product proof seal. In addition to adding a tamper proof and leak proof measure to the package, this seal maintains the integrity of the product by eliminating the risk of contamination.

Induction Heat Sealing on Pillar equipment

Simultaneous application of labels on top and bottom surfaces of jars, with batch number and expiry date for traceability. Also, application of labels to cylindrical packages.

Shrink Wrapping

Depending on requirements, we can shrink wrap packages for warehousing purposes.