Manufacturer of Skin Care Products

World-class Skin Care Products Manufacturer, Located in Pretoria

Some consumers may confuse the manufacturers of skin care products with cosmetic houses. While certain of the latter organisations may own their own laboratories and production plants, a huge number of suppliers of well-known brand names outsource the making of their formulations to firms which specialise in this highly technical field.

Cost is undoubtedly a major reason why many beauty houses engage the services of dedicated skin care product laboratories, ideally those which additionally incorporate the manufacturing process, as we do. It takes an enormous capital investment just to set up both facilities with all the latest equipment and technology.

Commitment to Quality and Detail

In addition, qualified, experienced chemists, lab technicians and production staff are expected to have the highest standards of honesty, integrity and commitment to their work.

These qualities are imperative in such a precise, scientific environment, where the smallest mistake, oversight, attempted shortcut or deviation from the prescribed processes could have monumental adverse consequences. Error prevention is practised throughout all of our processes, at DC Labs, further ensuring quality in accordance with internationally accepted, certified SABS Metrology’s E-Mark.

Focus on Research and Development

Our specialised laboratory focuses extensively on research and development. Before the manufacturing process begins, sample sets are made available to the client for testing and authorisation, unless the client already possesses tried and tested formulae, merely requiring our production expertise and facilities.

However, our clients typically approach us with their requirements, after which our chief chemist sets to work to design and develop the appropriate formulations which will deliver the desired results for each type of product.

When Time and Money are of the Essence

In this fast-paced world, time is always of the essence, usually equating to money and cost too. No business wants to waste either. The quicker their product is developed and made, the better all round for all parties concerned.

We continuously strive to provide our valued clients with the shortest possible turnaround and lead times, without compromising on customer service, ongoing feedback and consistent high quality; we have been doing so since 1946 and aim to continue this proud tradition.

Furthermore, we do our utmost to stay within the customers’ budget parameters in our quest to provide the most cost-effective services. Pricing is competitive, irrespective of batch size, whilst we also accept small orders, unlike most of our competitors. We will happily manufacture batches from 10 litres, 25 000 litres or anything in between.

Cost saving in the development phase is made available to clients who pay a modest fee upfront, which is refunded in full as a discount against their first order.

Filling, Wrapping and Sealing Services

  • Perfume filling, with/without gas, plus crimp pump sealing.
  • Viscous product filling.
  • Liquid filling.
  • Tube filling, securely sealed.
  • Induction heat sealing, tamper and leak proofing, maintains the integrity of contents.
  • Overwrapping.
  • Shrink wrapping.
  • Labelling, top and bottom (simultaneous process) and on cylindrical packages.
  • Application of batch codes and expiry dates.

Your Contract Manufacturer of Choice

South African companies really do not have to go far to find us. We are situated towards the northern side of Pretoria and we also offer our comprehensive services to companies throughout the African continent. If finding a competitively priced, world-class skin care products manufacturer is important to you, then we are certainly your laboratory of choice.