Manufacturer of Beauty Products

Laboratory Tips for Selecting a Reputable Beauty Products Manufacturer

Despite the tough and challenging global economic times experienced by most countries since 2007/2008, the continued growth of the beauty industry as a whole has continued unabated, a situation which has been very beneficial to the consumers, suppliers, manufacturers and developers of related products.

Modern consumers and manufacturers are once again recognising the value of home-grown ingredients and therapies in their choice of skin, body, hair, cosmetics and healthcare products, leading to ample opportunities for aspirant entrepreneurs to enter the marketplace.

A Serious Business

Presumably, as an entrepreneur, you’re serious about making a success of your innovative beauty products’ ideas and transforming them into a lucrative, enduring business venture. If so, you should be equally serious about your choice of manufacturer, long before your goods are introduced and presented for sale to your potential market segment and the public at large.

Today, more than ever before, there’s no getting away from responsibility for the potentially serious consequences of supplying inferior or harmful products in any field, especially in the food, cosmetics and skincare industries.

The era of successful “snake oil salesmen” is past – the time when purveyors of questionable concoctions travelled the country in a wagon loaded with bottles of “cure all” remedies of which the ingredients were a mystery, as were the after-effects of and risks associated with using the contents.

As a reputable contract manufacturer of beauty products of almost 70 years standing, we’ve long since recognised certain basic requirements – which we exceed and always apply without exception or compromise – in every contract for which our laboratory and factory’s services are engaged.


Certain minimum criteria, most of which are non-negotiable, should be entrenched at the manufacturing laboratory of your choice, as they are at our organisation, because the lab should be seen as an active partner in your cosmetics business venture and the ultimate performance of your beauty products.

  • ISO 22716 – Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice accredited.
  • Flexible partnership approach and adaptability to customers’ needs, requirements and service levels, with a thorough understanding of all aspects.
  • Shortest possible lead times from order to dispatch.
  • Mindful of customer’s budget pertaining to their products’ functionality and performance.
  • Utilising the most efficient and cost-effective processes to keep costs and pricing to a minimum.
  • Source and use best quality ingredients and latest technology throughout the process.
  • Apply stringent quality controls during all phases and on final product (for conformity and consistency).
  • Adopt the SABS’ Legal Metrology Department’s certified E Mark quality controls, as accepted internationally.
  • Unquestionable sanitary and hygiene conditions throughout the laboratory and plant.
  • Prior to manufacturing, conduct comprehensive stability and preservative challenge testing.
  • Qualified R & D expertise, experience and services.
  • Provide clients with sample sets for trials and approval.
  • Once approved, supply INCI list of raw materials for inclusion on packaging, while also furnishing clients with product specifications for their records.
  • Accept orders for small and large batches.



If the prospective cosmetic producers on your list tick these boxes, you’re most probably in safe hands. Alternatively, contact us and find out more about what we can do for you in your exciting new venture, helping to ensure the premium performance of your beauty products, in our role as your manufacturer of choice.