ISO 22716 – Cosmetic good manufacturing practice accredited

Established in 1946, DC Laboratories offers you decades of experience and expertise, and now we are even stronger. In March 2014, we became a member of the reputable Willa Krause Group, with whom we have had a close association since the early 1980s.

Formerly one of our esteemed clients, the Willa Krause Group was approached by our then CEO, to purchase DC Laboratories, when he decided to follow his dream of becoming a full-time farmer. They proceeded with the purchase, thereby welcoming us into the Group.

Many years of combined expertise, experience, success and astute business acumen serve to make DC Laboratories now even stronger and more impressive, and this development is seen primarily as expansion, rather than change.

Continuity in all of our operations is assured. Our chief chemist, technicians, laboratory personnel and support staff members continue in their respective roles, as always - ready to deliver their best as your contract manufacturers of choice in the cosmetics industry.