Cosmetics Manufacturing

World-class South African Cosmetics Manufacturing Laboratory

For many years, medically and scientifically, South Africa has frequently been at the forefront of technology, research, development and inventions, and the same holds true for our cosmetics research, development and manufacturing laboratory, located a few kilometres north of Pretoria, in the Gauteng province.

Here, we’ve been actively involved in manufacturing world-class cosmetics and skin care products for local and international brands since our inception, way back in 1946. Because our work as contract manufacturers is somewhat behind the scenes, we’re not generally known to consumers, since that’s not our role, but we’ve built up a reputation amongst industry insiders of which we’re rather proud.

Highest Possible Standards in Cosmetics Manufacturing

Some of the aspects for which our operation has gained enormous respect include conforming to good, honest and transparent business practice, maintaining the highest possible standards, adhering to our code of ethics and stringently preserving client confidentiality at all times.

Our laboratory premises are maintained to the most sanitary and hygienic standards, so crucial in an industry that manufactures and packages products which the end users apply to their sensitive facial and body skin. Any form of contamination is avoided at all costs, since the consequences of a lapse could be disastrous for all concerned.

The approach taken throughout rigorous process quality controls reflects our belief in actively preventing faults from occurring, rather than reactively seeking solutions after the occurrence of problems and errors.

Likewise, all finished products are also subjected to rigid quality controls, inclusive of consistency and conformity; variance is unacceptable. We apply the SABS’s Legal Metrology Department’s certified E-Mark Quality Control standards/methods.

Prompt, Accurate Customer Service

Right from the start of our business dealings with our contract customers, particularly when we’re tasked with research and development, we take a personal interest in familiarising ourselves with their individual concepts and requirements, since each is unique.

The laboratory and management offices are situated on the same premises, allowing us to adapt promptly to any changes or new requests from our valued customers, whilst ensuring the shortest possible lead times from order stage to finished products, ready for dispatch or collection.

Many years of experience and expertise have enabled us to keep our processes accurate and cost effective, a distinct cost and price advantage which benefits our clients and their bottom line. When we’re engaged in clients’ R & D, our laboratory sources the best raw materials and technology for the job at hand, mindful of the product’s intended purpose and the customer’s budget.

Filling, Sealing, Batch Coding and Wrapping Services

  • Tube filling on Norden equipment – seals are secured, imprinted with batch numbers and expiry dates.
  • Liquid and/or viscous filling.
  • Perfume filling – with/without gas.
  • Crimp pump sealing.
  • Induction heat sealing on Pillar equipment – tamper-, heat-, moisture-, air- and leak-proof aluminium foil seal, which also assures the maintenance of the content’s integrity.
  • Simultaneous application of labels with batch numbers and expiry dates on tops and bottoms of jars.
  • Application of labels to cylindrical containers.
  • Overwrapping on Sollas equipment – protects cartons and provides additional product security and perceived value enhancement.
  • Shrink wrapping – protective measure prior to warehouse storage of cartons/packaging.


Enquiries Welcomed

Your enquiries are most welcome. We look forward to being of assistance to new and existing clients for all their cosmetics manufacturing – in South Africa and throughout our wonderful continent; we’d love to expand our client base further afield.