Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing

South African Contract Cosmetics Manufacturing Services With A Difference

Whilst there are various cosmetics contract manufacturing companies in South Africa today, a few key factors set our laboratory apart from those of our competitors, aspects which offer our clients distinct advantages and give us the edge over our competitors’ operations.

Small Volumes

Unlike our concern, most other contract manufacturers which make products on behalf of cosmetics houses will only accept orders for relatively large batches. We gladly accept orders for quantities from as little as 10 litres, making us your ideal choice if you only wish to try out a new formulation on a limited basis initially, or if you’re a smaller operation in the start-up phase.


Nevertheless, we’re also geared to provide clients with much larger quantities – any volumes up to 25 000 litres are produced with the same high quality, efficiency and within the shortest possible lead times, manufacturing characteristics for which we’ve become known. Pricing remains remarkably competitive, irrespective of order size.

Innovative Approach to Development

Development of new formulations is an essential although often costly part of new product manufacture, particularly in the highly competitive cosmetics and beauty product industry, but our laboratory offers you the most affordable option. In fact, you can reap a 100% benefit by utilising our innovative, free development assistance solution.

How do we achieve this? There are absolutely no hidden catches, disguised in fine print. Clients merely pay a nominal, affordable pre-development deposit, which we refund in full as a discount on the first production order, thus providing this invaluable service to clients at no charge.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Contract manufacturing refers to the legal agreement concluded between a concern which has the skill, expertise, equipment and know-how to produce goods on behalf of another company, the other party involved in the legal agreement.

The latter firm owns the title of the brand or label under which the merchandise is marketed and sold, whilst the former is typically at liberty to conclude additional contracts with other organisations. For this reason, assurances and guarantees of confidentiality must be provided to each customer and strictly adhered to by the producer. 

Client confidentiality is something which we take very seriously, ever since the establishment of our laboratory, way back in 1946. Without integrity, honouring and respecting the moral obligation which one owes one’s clients and their right to confidentiality, no contract laboratory will survive, let alone grow successfully, as we have done, throughout all these many years.

We continue to pride ourselves on our personal approach to each and every customer and their endeavour, large or small, irrespective of the size of their order or the volume of work for which they engage our lab and/or production facilities. Furthermore, we consult with you, so that we’re completely au fait with the concept of your product, its intended functionality and the budget within which you wish to remain.

Samples Sets

In accordance with our mutual agreement, you’ll be supplied with sample sets, enabling your specialists to conducts trials and tests, pending approval. Once approved, we undertake stability and preservative challenge testing before initiating actual production.  

One Location

All our laboratory and production facilities are located on one site, ensuring that we’re able to exercise stringent control across the board, through all stages of each process. When you require professional cosmetics contract manufacturing experts, our laboratory is the obvious choice; we’re solely accountable to you.