Contract Manufacturer of Cosmetics

Choose Your Contract Manufacturer of Cosmetics Carefully

Are you seeking an established, reputable contract manufacturer of cosmetics to engage as your laboratory partner in your new endeavour, or are you an established distributor, already having your own brand, but requiring lab services to develop a new or additional product line?

In both cases, our laboratory would value having your custom and the opportunity to become your cosmetics contract manufacturer of choice. We have professionally equipped and fully functional, extensive research & development, and manufacturing & production facilities, all located at one site, just outside the city of Pretoria, Gauteng.

Successful Continuity Since 1946

The lab and its cosmetics contract manufacturing operation was founded in 1946 by a qualified chemist, the father of our current chief chemist, who took over the company from his father (our founder) in 1969.
In turn, a third generation – the grandson of the founding chemist – joined the concern as a partner in 1991, continuing a proud and successful family tradition.

This grandson’s ultimate dream had always been to establish himself as a full-time farmer, and he decided that the time was right to do so early in 2014. It was thus that our lab was bought by one of our largest associates in March of that year.

However, our operation has continued as normal since then, still operating independently, with all the same chemists, technicians and personnel, who chose to stay on in their respective roles. However, we’re stronger now, being part of a larger group of companies.

Continuity remains unchanged, as does our commitment to each and every cosmetics client and our long-standing guarantee of client confidentiality, which we continue to honour at all times.

Latest Achievement

We’re delighted to announce that our world-class laboratory is now ISO 22716 – Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices – accredited, a further confirmation of the high standards maintained by our organisation, and reassuring for our existing and potential new clients and consumers.

ISO 22716

The highly regarded ISO 22716 accreditation is international and serves to set out cosmetics good manufacturing practices and responsibilities for all relevant persons and bodies involved in the cosmetics chain. It specifically addresses matters such as potential toxicity of ingredients, product labelling and comprehensive product files.

Services Which We Facilitate

  • Research and development of new products, adhering to customers’ specific needs.
  • Viscous and liquid product filling, as well as perfume filling, with/without gas.
  • Crimp pump sealing.
  • Batch coding and expiry date application to packaging. 
  • Simultaneous top and bottom surface label application to jars, accompanied by batch number and expiry date.
  • Tube filling (on Norden equipment) with batch numbers and expiry dates imprinted into tube seals.
  • Induction heat sealing (on Pillar equipment) – tamper-, leak-, air-, moisture- and product-proof aluminium seal.
  • Overwrapping retail cartons with polypropylene film (on Sollas equipment) enhances security and carton protection, adding perceived value to product.
  • Shrink wrapping for warehousing purposes, depends on customer requirements.

Customers First

Our customers, their needs, budgets and requirements are our priority. We take the time to understand the concepts of their products and adhere to the shortest possible lead times. We’ll source the best materials and most current technologies with which to deliver products according to specifications and functionality, because we’ve always done so, as an exceptional contract manufacturer of cosmetics.