Contract Cosmetic Manufacturers

Value-added, Competitive Contract Cosmetic Manufacturers

Increasingly, South Africans are recognising the advantages and benefits of using top-quality, locally manufactured cosmetics, beauty, and skin and body healthcare products. Likewise, South African and African skin and beauty product suppliers are responding to this demand, but do not know where to find a suitable, highly professional local contract manufacturer.

Infrastructure and Expertise

Very few new businesses or established concerns wanting to develop a new product have the infrastructure, manufacturing expertise, trained and experienced personnel or capital to set up their own cosmetic laboratory and production plant, which is typically an extremely expensive exercise.

Alternatively, prospective clients may wish to move their custom to a new contract production facility or want to develop a new product to add to an existing range, the latter requiring both laboratory and production facilities.

No Quantities are Too Small

These folks would benefit from the services of an expert contractor, exactly like us, particularly since we are unique in a very important aspect – we do not decline and turn away small orders, as others in the industry tend to do.

No orders are too small (or large), and of course, we apply the same amount of expertise, competence and attention to detail to all of our valued clients’ orders, irrespective of size or complexity. We will accept batch sizes from as little as 10 litres and as large as 25 000 litres.

Cost Saving

Although our charges are very fair and competitive across the board, we offer clients an additional savings mechanism, right at the outset of the product development phase. A nominal, affordable amount is charged prior to our laboratory initiating the development of your product.

Once we are ready to proceed with manufacturing, these monies are refunded in full by discounting the same amount from your first batch order. This then equates to free development assistance, having ultimately cost you nothing.


Our laboratory has a long history and proud tradition, having been established 68 years ago, in 1946, by a chemist, Sarel Rossouw, our founder. His son, Johann, joined the lab after qualifying as a chemist. Johann worked for many years alongside his father, until his dad handed the reins over to him and he assumed full principle scientific responsibility – a position which Johann still proudly holds to this day.

Continuing the family tradition, Johann’s son, Hanri, became a third generation partner in the laboratory and factory operation, until he decided to pursue his lifelong ambition to become a farmer, early in 2014. Since he realised that the business aspect of the lab necessitated new ownership, Hanri approached one of the lab’s longest standing, loyal clients, who bought the operation.

New Management, Unchanged Professional Expertise

We emphasise that our commitment, dedication and professional confidentiality remains totally focussed on each one of our clients, existing and new. There is no conflict of interest or competition from our new owner’s group companies; we have merely become stronger, with increased financial backing and management expertise.

In fact, the lab and production plant’s entire staff complement has been retained, ensuring continuity in every respect and retaining invaluable practical, hands-on experience and intellectual capital, gained through years of commitment and meticulous procedures.

Before you sign on the dotted line and commit your R & D or production to another organisation, we invite you to contact us to for more detailed information. The contract for your beauty, skin and cosmetic manufacture could not be in better, safer hands than ours, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.