Beauty Product Manufacturer

Beauty Product Manufacturer Offers Services with a Difference

It seldom happens that an existing or new beauty product manufacturer immediately produces enormous quantities of a first or new item. Often, when a new formulation is involved, they will prefer to make a small batch initially, instead of throwing vast sums of money into extensive production right from the start.

A Unique Contract Manufacturer

Whilst there are several excellent beauty product laboratories and manufacturers in South Africa today, now that technology and political considerations have opened the world up to all people in this country, one - our company - is unique.

Unlike other laboratories, we accept orders for batches as small as 10 litres. Of course, our capabilities extend much further. We can manufacture up to 25 000 litre quantities and we continuously strive to keep our lead times down to the absolute minimum, since we understand the pressures under which our valued clients operate.

However, we offer another unique service to assist new clients. Development is one of the first, vital steps in launching your cosmetic merchandise. To this end, we offer an exclusive, free development service. You simply pay a very affordable, nominal amount before we begin developing your ideal formulation and we will refund the same amount on receipt of your first order, thereby rendering the service completely free of charge.

Customer Commitment

Our energies and focus are committed to our esteemed customers, for whom we provide prompt, personalised service of the highest standards and meticulous process and quality controls throughout all phases of research, development and production. Uncompromising commitment extends to our integrity, particularly in maintaining total customer confidentiality.

Research and Development

The R&D department operates on site, invaluable in continuing the stringent controls for which we are known, and keeping our customer response and feedback process down to the minimum length of time, factors highly appreciated by clients, for whom time is always of the essence.

Right from the start, we conduct thorough consultation with customers to ensure that we are fully cognisant of their individual requirements. We source the best quality raw materials and utilise the latest technology to secure the desired formulation and effective functionality, whilst remaining true to your contract’s budget.

Prior to beginning manufacture, all products are extensively tested, paying particular attention to stability and preservative content. Sample sets are given to customers for their own testing purposes and evaluation.

Once approved, clients are furnished with their product’s specifications and a full INCI list of raw materials incorporated in the product, enabling them to provide their artists in charge of packaging design with accurate information.

Premises and Processes

Production and laboratory premises and all equipment is maintained in immaculate, hygienic and sanitary condition, whilst strict process control measures apply throughout all stages and phases, enabling our staff members to concentrate on the prevention of potential problems, rather than problem solving once a glitch has already entered the process.

Finished products are subjected to stringent quality controls, ensuring that there is complete consistency and conformity. Our E-Mark Quality Controls are internationally accepted and are certified by the SABS’s Legal Metrology Department, giving our clients the ultimate peace of mind and reassurance of our rigorous standards.

Since 1946

We have been involved in contract cosmetic production and doing it rather well, since being established long ago in 1946. If flexibility, quality, service and dedication, coupled with competitive pricing are important to you, please consider us as your preferred beauty product manufacturer.